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Craig M. Workman

Studio Resident (2017-18)

Statement of Work

We are all beholden to the experiences we endure, we bear witness to or--perhaps most importantly--imagine ourselves to witness as a result of empathy and careful observance of the world around us. Since my youth in another century, I embraced this concept in much the same way I was raised to read and discuss those important narratives that help emulsify and immortalize those scenes in our own lives or through lives of others on the page, those stories that subsume who we are as a cogent, striving, creative species. It is one of my greatest pleasures to--over and over again--attempt to represent the people-watching, experiential thought-experiment-fraught project, spawned from the trappings of so-called "lost people" missing the mark and being discarded in myriad ways, none of which we would prefer for ourselves or for our fictional paramour.

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If you stare at the blankness long enough, you'll give up. Get it on the page or on the screen, or there's really nothing to agonize over in the first place.

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