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Luke Firle

Studio Resident (2011 - 2013)

Artboards (2011)

Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Statement of Work

As an observer, I am influenced by Kansas City’s urban setting, where the old is demolished to be replaced by the new or restored rather than torn down. In my two-dimensional work, I create a sense of spatial depth within a brightly colored abstracted environment, with some areas being destroyed to make way for fresh imagery while other areas remain visibly eroded. My implied spaces are then placed onto a three-dimensional form in order to blur the margins between what we view as painting and what we typically view as sculpture.

Recently, I have had other influences from subcultures such as skateboarding and graffiti. My forms are taken from the ramps used by skaters and morphed into something all their own. I would like to expand on this idea to include the shapes of dumpsters, train cars, and other common structures. Similar to my ramp forms, I will change their scale, paint on them, and arrange them into an installation, thus removing them from their original context.

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