Commissioned public art installation of double-sided billboards above 125 southwest boulevard.


The Mobank Artboards is a public art program administered by Charlotte Street Foundation. The Artboards are exterior, double-sided billboards rising above Missouri Bank’s Crossroads location at 125 Southwest Boulevard, and present new, commissioned images by Kansas City area artists rotating approximately every three months.

Selected artists are chosen through a competitive process, and receive artist fees of $1,000 each for completing and delivering print-ready images for one set of side-by-side billboards.

A call for proposals is issued each year in the fall.


Miki Baird

Elijah Gowin

Emily Sall

Rodolfo Marron III

Sarah Hearn

Phil Shafer

DeAnna Skedel

Charlie Mylie

Maria Ogedengbe

Heinrich Toh

Misha Kligman

Warren Rosser

Jaimie Warren

Archie Scott Gobber

Deanna Dikeman

Mary Wessel

Barry Anderson

Luke Firle

Jon Scott Anderson and Derrick Briedenthal

Cory Imig

Grant Miller

May Tveit

Allan Winkler

Mike Sinclair

Anne Lindberg

Paul Shortt

Adolfo Martinez

Jerry Kunkel

Erika Lynn Hanson

Gavin Snider

Jillian Youngbird

Sabrina Staires

Stephen Proski

Rachelle Gardner

Calder Kamin

Joe Bussell

Robert Hosware

Judith G. Levy

Caleb Taylor

Rie Egawa

Megan Mantia + Leone Reeves

Luke Rocha

Jennifer Field

Philip Bakala

Lindsay Jones

Lucas Wetzel

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