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Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10, 2018

Found Installations


Found Installations is a video art collection of Leralee Whittle's time-based processes in rural and city spaces transformed through her collaboration with the spaces. Whittle occupy public and private domaines such as parks, gyms, natural habitats or unique buildings. The visually rich spaces typically serve communities for non-arts related activities, yet inspire Leralee to engage in body-based practices anywhere from hours to months (intermittently). The artist illuminate's the choreographic design of each generative process with postproduction editing to clearly define aesthetics of social practice, dance or visual art.

Leralee Whittle will enact a four-hour durational performance in which she occupies Broadway and “embody the space.” Whittle will occupy the stage amidst installed videos to investigate materiality in dance, minimalist body-based installation performance and new dance emerging through choreographic structures and interaction with video, things and people in the space.

The performance will take place on Friday night of November 9, 2018 at Broadway. Ticket information will be available soon.

Workshop Opportunity

The following day on Saturday, November 10, 2018, Leralee Whittle will lead a workshop for interested attendees. The workshop will be free and open to the public.
Part 1:  We're Space Makers / J(())Y Embodiment  11-12:30
Part 2:  Instant Composition, a relational art ritual - 12:35- 2:00
In this workshop we'll explore a cross-disciplinary approach of inviting your/our authentic dance in the creation of embodied installations (being and designing with the body and things) and
creative collaboration. We'll explore how materiality between the body, space, time, object and other unfolds a time-based process that opens up aesthetic communing/community. We'll step into composition as a ritual mode that heightens ours senses and gives us the experience
of phenomena as the engine of collaboration (relational aesthetics) each moment.

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Thursday and Friday evenings in August

Studio Residency Performance Series

Throughout the month of the August, enjoy free performances from Charlotte Street Foundation’s 2017-18 performing artists who are finishing up their year in the Studio Residency Program. Performances are free and open to the public at Charlotte Street Foundation’s brand new performing arts venue on Broadway Blvd! You are encouraged to bring your friends and colleagues to these experimental performances, showcasing some of the best and most cutting-edge work that is currently being made by Kansas City artists within arts community. From poetry readings, live music, dance productions to theatrical performances, you will be sure to find an event that interests you.

Schedule of Performances:

Sunday, August 5 at 6:30 PM Daniel Hogans, Sheri Hall and Jessica Ayala Join Charlotte Street Studio residents Jessica Ayala, Sheri Hall, and Daniel Hogans for an evening of sunset jazz and poetry. Thursday, August 9 at 7:30 PM Mazzy Mann MX.MRS will be performing in part her album, PAGLIACCI. The album explores stylings of down-tempo vaudeville, jazz, trip-hop, neo-soul, and avant-garde anachronism with themes grappling with identity, validation, queerness, and the pursuit to rise above society’s irrational norms. Expect other performances from CXPA, X Wilson and Austin G Glassco. Thursday, August 16 at 7:30 PM Madison Mae Parker Join Madison Mae Parker and Mariah Lanae Boothe for “Glitter Trash,” an evening of poetry, movement, fabric, and glitter, as we question what beauty is, what is femininity, and how do we survive in this world wielding both. Sunday, August 19 at 6:30 PM Danielle Hennerberg and Karan Karla Aron Karla Aron and Tim Metz team up to form The Mason Dixons for an evening of home grown Alternative Americana titled “Switching Sides.” Toe-tapping guitar and piano feature in this savory mix of original songs that will fill you up and get you humming. Danielle Hennerberg's “A Night on Composition Street” combines elements of Jazz, Blues, and Rock to bring together Kansas City’s roots in Jazz and its future as a musical destination for popular artists Thursday, August 23 at 7:30 PM  Jason Zeh Jason's current work engages with his academic research into queer theory, feminist theory, and media and sound studies and is primarily focused on sound and performance using hardware hacking and creative coding as ways of creating interactive social encounters that address the ways communication technologies both facilitate and disrupt human connection. Sunday, August 26 at 6:30 PM  Leo Gayden Check out Charlotte Street’s new performance space as Leo Gayden performs an original dance piece. Leo Gayden has made a name for himself in KC as a dancer on the stage and the streets.

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Friday, August 24th through Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Kansas City Artists on the Midwestern Experience

What defines the experience of a person living in the geographic middle of the United States? There are expectations of what that existence looks like, feels like. A picture painted with the residue of a black and white intro to the first ever movie in technicolor, a smear of bbq sauce on a paper bib, the quilt-like squares of “flyover country”. Welcome to the Neighborhood is an exhibition that presents the lived experience of midwesterners through the eyes of its artists - people who live or have lived in the Kansas City area. It presents the textured landscape, the complicated dichotomies, the hues and politics of a place that these artists have embraced as home.

Artists included in the exhibition include Yoonmi Nam, Jessica Borusky, Patty Carroll, Rodolpho Marron III, Mike Sinclair, Rena Detrixhe, Glyneisha Johnson, Michael Krueger, Nedra Bonds, Deanna Dikeman, and Lara Shipley.

Exhibition Opening Reception: August 24, 2018, 6-10:00pm Exhibition Closes: September 22 La Esquina Gallery (1000 W 25th St, Kansas City, MO 64108)

Participating Artists:

Nedra Bonds

Jessica Borusky

Patty Carroll

Rena Detrixhe

Deanna Dikeman

Glyneisha Johnson

Rashawn Griffin

Michael Krueger

Rodolfo Marron III

Lara Shipley

Mike Sinclair

Yoonmi Nam

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 6:30 PM

Slide Slam 2018

The Charlotte Street Foundation is ecstatic about the launch of the 2018-2019 Studio Residency year with our annual Slide Slam 2018 event. Slide Slam is an annual event that introduces the new pool of studio residents to each other and to Charlotte Street audiences. The event takes place on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 6:30 PM.

The event is moving to a new location this year, hosting the presentation at Charlotte Street's new Broadway Space, which is located at 1664 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO. Slide Slam 2018 is free and open to the public.

Slide Slam 2018 is a great way for artists to introduce themselves to their peers. The presentation style is influenced by Pecha Kucha and consists of 3-minute slide presentations from each of the 34 incoming studio resident artists. These unique, fast-paced presentations are intended as an introduction to the work, ideas, processes, and personalities of these diverse artists individually. Attendees can learn and expect to see what these studio residents will produce in the upcoming year, and artists can use this presentation as a resource for possible collaborations amongst each other.

Charlotte Street Foundation’s Studio Residency Program provides free studios and rehearsal space in downtown Kansas City, exhibition and mentorships opportunities, and related support as needed to artists of all disciplines. A list of the 30 residents selected can be found below. LIST OF 2018-19 STUDIO RESIDENTS Performing artists include Elizabeth Bettendorf Bowman, Jeremy FinneyTristian GriffinDaniel HogansKaren LisondraMazzy MannKyle MullinsKaia NuttingZachary PischnotteMarshall Trammell and Jason Zeh. Visual artists include Iliann Alvarez, Nazanin AmiriJE BakerJuan Castro-MarquezRuben CastilloElizabeth DerstineKaterina GuillermoLuke HaynesFuko ItoJessica KincaidLilly McElroyRebeka Pech MoguelSavannah RodgersLaurena RoytbergKiki SernaElizabeth Stehling and Benjamin Willis. Writers include Jessica AyalaSheri HallKevin KilroyAlicen LundbergMadison Mae Parker and Lavinia Roberts.

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Friday, July 6th through Saturday, August 11th 2018


RADAR is proud to present the exhibition, ALL TERRAIN, featuring a selection of current Charlotte Street Foundation Studio Residents. ALL TERRAIN  investigates ideas of intimacy and vulnerability within our immediate landscape. Through image-making, sculpture and performance, these artists provoke questions surrounding our connectedness to the natural world and domestic space, prompting a search for the balance between the wild and the cultivated. The exhibition will take place in La Esquina Gallery  (1000 W 25th St, Kansas City, MO 64108) from Friday, July 6th through Saturday, August 11th 2018. Featured Charlotte Street Studio Residents include S.E. Nash, Glyneisha Johnson, Damien Randolph-Spader, Lilly McElroy, BOIBOY, ARGOT/NOTS, Matthew Johnson and Ruben Castillo.   The opening reception will take place from 6-9PM on Friday, July 6th. The reception is free and open to the public. Free drinks will be provided. The closing reception will take place from 3-5PM on Saturday, August 11th. RADAR is a curatorial platform designed to support artists and their work through emerging and collaborative practices. Founded by Madeline Gallucci, RADAR strives to illuminate these practices through exhibitions, rotating spaces and research projects. Madeline Gallucci is an artist and community organizer. She served as Co-Director of the artist-run-venue Front/Space from 2014-2018 in Kansas City, MO. Her new project, RADAR, looks to further explore her interests of artist as curator and the intersections of these roles in various communities. Madeline graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 and plans to relocate to Chicago, IL to pursue her MFA at the University of Chicago this fall.

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June 30 – August 11, 2018

CSF Studio Residency Program Exhibition at SPIVA Center for Arts

Charlotte Street Foundation is presenting showcasing its Studio Residency Program at Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin, MO from June 30th through August 11th. The exhibition will feature work from three current artists participating in the residency program, Ruben Castillo, Glyneisha Johnson, and Rebeka Pech Moguel. An artist panel discussion will take place on the opening day, June 30th, at 11AM. This will be a great opportunity for people outside of the metro KC region to gain exposure and learn more about CSF Studio Residency Program. The exhibition is sponsored by Freeman Women’s Physician Group.
Charlotte Street’s Studio Residency Program launched with the mission to engage outstanding, emerging curators from around the country with the Kansas City region and its artists. This exhibit pushes Spiva’s traditional regional boundary and features three current resident artists of CSF: Ruben Castillo, Glyneisha Johnson, and Rebeka Pech Moguel. Spiva hopes their own local artists will learn about and be inspired by the possibilities of an artist residency, with Charlotte Street Foundation or elsewhere. Glyneisha Johnson is a recent graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute’s Painting department. She has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in Kansas City, including Undergrads Underground at Leedy-Voulkos Art Center. Through collage, painting, and drawing, Glyneisha Johnson’s work echoes nodes of black culture and her experience of being raised in the South. The work also acknowledges the importance of Black domestic spaces within a society that often overlooks these spaces and the people who inhabit them. She uses the language of collage as a metaphor to describe the dislocated, collaged nature of Black history due to colonialism. Ruben Bryan Castillo is a visual artist born in Dallas, TX and currently lives and works in Kansas City, MO. He received his B.F.A. in Printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 and his M.F.A. in Visual Art from the University of Kansas in 2017. His work addresses themes of intimacy, queerness, place, and the body through autobiographical narratives using drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation, and video. Rebeka Peck Moguel is a Kansas City based visual artist. She graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a B.F.A. in Photography and Art History in 2017. Her work bases itself on a photographic practice but uses different mediums to create a multi-dimensional experience. Her work deals with culture identity and is specific to her experience growing up in a Mexican household in Midwest America. Through her work, she invokes the spaces of culture that we all have a close familiarity to.

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