Includes free 24-hour accessible studio space, rehearsal space, community, mentorships

Offers annual Open Studios event open to the public

Each Resident paired with a ‘mentor’ who provides feedback, support, and connections to other individuals and resources


Charlotte Street’s Studio Residency Program aims to support creative production, artistic experimentation and collaboration, professional development, and close connection with fellow studio residents and artists in our community fulfilling our organization’s mission to challenge, nurture, and empower artists of exceptional vision.

The Studio Residency provides free studio space—accessible 24-hours—rehearsal space, professional support and development, annual open studios event, exhibition and performance opportunities, opportunity to work with guest curators, promotion, and mentorships.

Visual artists, writers, and performing artists (composers/musicians, choreographers/dancers, theatre artists) are eligible for the year-long residencies, with terms beginning each September. Applications for the Studio Residency Program are accepted each spring. Check back for upcoming application deadlines and eligibility information.



studio residency program facility

6th Floor of Town Pavilion
1100 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64106

paragraph gallery

23 East 12th Street, KCMO 64106

Programming for Paragraph Gallery

Programming at Charlotte Street’s Paragraph Gallery is currently dedicated to exhibitions of the artworks and performances of Charlotte Street Studio Residents, curated by guest curators from the regional arts community.

Current Residents


Each studio resident artist is paired with a volunteer “Mentor” for the duration of their residency term. These mentors are more established artists or arts professionals from the broader community, who generously provide resident artists with feedback, support, encouragement, and connections to other individuals and resources in the broader community.

2016-17 Mentors

Ricky Allman

Tim Brown

Julia Cole

Jill Downen

Janann Eldridge

Jose Faus

Jessie Fisher

Catherine Futter

Jane Gotch

Gerry Trilling

Kendell Harbin

Cory Imig

Nathan Louis Jackson

Lynnette Miranda

Marie McInerney

Yoonmi Nam

Matt Otto

David Wayne Reed

Michael Schliefke

Caleb Taylor

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