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Mythmakers, opening Friday, November 20, 6-9pm at Paragraph, 23 East 12th, embodies the youthful, make-your-own-fun, do-it-yourself-and-together spirit of the Kansas City art scene. Organized by artist/curator Megan Mantia, the densely packed exhibition will showcase a cross-section of emerging artists who place themselves at the center of their work, constructing mythic personas and fantasy narratives that fuse autobiographical aspects with illusions of grandeur, typically with a sizeable dose of humor thrown in as well. Featured artists are Drew Bolton, Spencer Brown, Cody Critcheloe, Kyle Devine, Ariel Hart, Hooliganship, Lamano, Dustin Maberry, Rah! Booty, Leone Anne Reeves, Elisha Stetson, Ryan Tacata, Jaimie Warren, and Ariel Williams.

While expressed through diverse media and formats, this personal mythmaking frequently involves performative elements, which this exhibition will emphasize. Opening night will feature “scheduled activations of personalities and installations,” says Mantia, who also notes that the collaborative nature of many of these artists’ work will encourage audience participation. Read full press release.

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