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Sofa Kingdom in the Valley of Comic Sans, a new, site-specific installation by Kansas City based artists Timothy Amundson and Charlie Mylie, opens at Urban Culture Project Space, 21 East 12th Street, Friday February 19, 6-9pm. It runs through March 6, 2010.

Amundson and Mylie, both artists in UCP’s Studio Residency Program, are generating “an interactive, performative space of play.” This multi-media environment is envisioned as a platform for “improvisations, cooperations, and transformations,” whereby “actors become sculptures, performative games become improvisational dance, paintings become platforms, drawings become instructions, objects become tasks, formal sculptures become architectural interventions, and viewing becomes experience.”  Over the course of the evening, such array of transformations will unfold, with such materials as wood, fabric, guitars, electric fans, fermenting wine, pedestals, lights, plants, paint, play-dough, diverse found objects, and human beings as cast as active players in a real-time theatrical event. Read full press release.

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