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Opening Friday, November 19, 6-9pm at Urban Culture Project Space (23 E. 12th St.) is a multimedia exhibition exploring conceptions of the self, and featuring works by emerging Kansas City-based artists Luke Pretz, Abbe Findley, and Terry Campbell. The opening will feature an evolving, collaborative performance and artist remarks at 6:30pm.

With this project, these three artists investigate themselves, and specifically the manner in which their projected or externally-oriented representations of self relate to and blur with their internalized senses of self.  Much of this blurring, and the consequent ambiguity relative to the notion of the “true” or “real” self, can be seen as product of contemporary media/technology, via which one is constantly in the process of (re)constructing and projecting one’s “self”, as well as accessing and processing others’ self-projections via shared images and actions.  The exploration of these dynamics and how they relate to the forging of personal identity and lived reality are central to these artists’ works.

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