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Art through Architecture, a partnership program of Charlotte Street and American-Institute of Architects-Kansas City, is pleased to announce the completion of Chromophiastrophe II, a site-specific wall painting by Kansas City based artist Daniel Reneau. The artwork was commissioned by Nonprofit Connect for its new offices at 125 East 31st Street, located within the Kansas City Public Television building.

This $5,000 commission, earning Nonprofit Connect a “Gold Level” Art through Architecture Art Achievement Award, was awarded to Daniel Reneau through a competitive, proposal-based process facilitated by Art through Architecture.  The completed artwork completely fills a 27-foot-long by 9-foot- high wall facing Nonprofit Connect’s central meeting room.

The title of the artwork draws from the words, “Chromophilia” and “Catastrophe.”  “I’ve always been fascinated with the strength that vibrant colors possess, but also their social context and cultural weight,” says Reneau. “In Chromophiastrophe II I created a piece that anxiously teeters between an entropic state and the hopeful place of wildly successful developmental growth.  I hope to give the essence or feeling that all the elements are either coming together or bursting apart.  Considering the contextual nature of the space and the dynamic personalities and individuals who will be using this room, I wanted to create a mural that felt as if it was both, collapsing and exploding, inhaling and exhaling, attentively listening and passionately delivering.”

Learn more about the artist, the commission, and Art through Architecture.

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