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Rises Zora Call for Performance Projects EXAMPLES

Call for Performance Projects for rises Zora, Deadline: April 7

For rises Zora, a multi-venue, multi-disciplinary arts project, Charlotte Street Curator-In-Residence Jamilee Polson Lacy is looking for experimental art performances—solo or collaborative—in all formats, including:

  • dance
  • musical performances
  • performance art
  • sound
  • actions or interventions
  • spoken word or other oratory works
  • installations which include a time-based or performative component

Selected projects will take place at outdoor sites (to be determined by the curator and selected artists) throughout Kansas City between mid-May and mid-June 2013.

Proposed projects, whatever their format, should:

  • engage the exhibition theme in some direct or indirect way
  • be designed to be temporary—a one-time event—to be removed from the site immediately after the performance event/happening
  • be amenable to a public outdoor setting, such as a city park or community garden

rises Zora Overview is a multi-venue, multi-disciplinary arts project and is Charlotte Street 2012-2013 Curator-In-Residence Jamilee Polson Lacy’s culminating curatorial presentation in Kansas City. rises Zora allows Kansas City-based artists to illustrate and contribute to the multifaceted history, present and future of the labyrinth as a concept that encompasses nearly every aspect of urban experience. Sporadically staging installations, performances, public events and more across the Kansas City metro area, artists activate and connect the city’s dynamic spaces in their efforts to understand, emphasize, and travel the urban labyrinth.

See full Call details and how to apply in the Call for Proposals.

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Untitled Performance (Autumnal Equinox), 2006 by Stan Shellabarger; Wired, 2010 by Academy Records; PARKDance, 2009 by acornDance; Demonstration 5 December 2007, 2007 by Jacob Dahlgren; Hand Built: A Communitywide Picnic, 2012 by Allison Heryer; Untitled Performance (Rainbow Clogs), 1997 by Stan Shellabarger; Float, 2012 by Jarrett Mellenbruch; CONSUMED, 2011 by Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective (BXDC)
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