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Charlotte Street is pleased to host the Bohemian Magazine, a 2014-15 Charlotte Street Studio Resident, for its Release Party on Thurs, February 5 at Paragraph Gallery, 5pm-7pm.

Bohemian Magazine is proud to present Volume 2 Issue 1, our largest and most comprehensive work yet. The Spectrum Issue is a tool in the opposition of our society’s beloved labels, which place us into rigid categories of sex, sexuality, gender, race, age, and class. With this magazine, we hope to illuminate the endless variety of identities and expose the inequalities that result from suppressing our true selves. We hope to arm our readers with valuable information to free themselves from harmful binaries and labels, and encourage creativity and self expression.

Spectrum Release Party will have limited copies of Volume 2 Issue 1 available for 25 dollars. Alternative performances and an interactive photo booth set within a teenage girls’ bedroom and closet will be taking place through the evening. There will be other engaging live performances including tarot card reading, nail painting, and a drawing wall.
Some selections from this 100 page magazine include:
Hey Baby by Caroline Tompkins: Documentation of Catcallers for 3+ years
Country Queer by Dan Fairbanks and Cameron Testerman
Riot Grrrl Manifesto
Shit My Straight Friend Says
Magical Mithras’ Mystical Marijuana Elixir Recipe
Interview with Alexandra Marzella (artwerk666)
Christopher Leitch: Dream Journals
Visual Aids: Resident Artists and Study shows PTSD Among Women Living with HIV May Be 5x of General Public.
Are You Gay Quiz by Megan Mantia and Leone Freeves
Interview with Planned Parenthood’s 2014 Volunteer of the Year
Sexual Harassment Bra and Underwear Line

Click here to RSVP to the Facebook Event.

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