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Yeah, No, I Mean It: Time, Situation, Dexterity is a three-day performance art symposium hosted at Charlotte Street’s la Esquina Gallery on the evenings of April 16th, 17th, and 18th from 7-9pm. Each night, local performance artists will generate live work within the gallery, alongside nationally recognized visiting performance artists. These performances will range in aesthetics, concepts, and duration: from the highly visual and loud, to the quiet and contemplative. This symposium is designed to highlight and expand the local and national conversation about contemporary performance art practice, through three days of making and discussing the local and national ecology of emerging performance art. Yeah, No, I Mean It: Time, Situation, Dexterity is curated by Kansas City-based artist Jessica Borusky.

April 16th
7-9pm: Performances

April 17th
7-9pm: Performances

April 18th
1-2pm: Visiting artist talks
2-3pm: Panel on curating performance
7-9pm: Performances

Location: la Esquina, 1000 W. 25th Street, KCMO
Admission: Free

Kansas City-based Artists
Andromeda Lynn Becker
Tim Brown
Brock Bryan
Wolfgang Bucher
Dominic Burkart
Chaz & Linz
Angie Hoffman
Laura Isaac
Wesley Isaac
Manion Kuhn
Judith G. Levy
Sydney Pursel
Lauren Schrader
Kiki Serna
Christina Silvius
Christie Thomason
Alexa Di Trolio

Visiting Artists
Eames Armstrong (Washington, DC)
Creighton Baxter (San Francisco, CA)
Jason “Tito” Dixon (Chicago, IL)
Ryan Hawk (Austin, TX)
Sarah Hill (Austin, TX)
Hayley Morgenstern (Austin, TX)
Philip Fryer (Boston, MA)
Laura Reese (Tulsa, OK)

More details about participating artists can be found at:
More in the full press release

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