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Partyboard1 Partyboard2
(Party! Party! by Amy Kligman, on the West-facing billboards)

The Missouri Bank’s Crossroads location, at 125 Southwest Boulevard, KCMO, will debut four new large-scale commissioned images by Kansas City artists Amy Kligman and David Rhoads as part of its ongoing “Artboards” series in time for First Friday, June 5, 2015. Installed on the exterior, double-sided billboards rising above the bank, the “Artboards” are visible to the public all hours of the day, and will remain on view through the end of August 2015.

On the East-facing billboards, David Rhoads presents Dream High. For the artist, the physical act of painting words imbues them with feeling, life, and meaning. Says Rhoads, “I paint what I truly believe in, what I feel a deep desire to create or discover. Dream High is something I subscribe to, strive for.”

On the West-facing billboards, Amy Kligman presents Party! Party! This billboard installation was designed by the artist to generate a sense of excitement and surprise for passers-by in the Crossroads on their daily route. These installations are meant to be visual catalysts that promote happiness for those that encounter them.

Rhoads_Dream Rhoads_High
(Dream High by David Rhoads, on the East-facing billboards)

Read more in a full press release.

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