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Full Project Awards

Jessica Borusky: Queer-A-Fest Destiny: Pioneers Reimagined

Maura Garcia: Center of the Universe

Nicholas Ward & Robert Baker: Live TV Live is

Ben Hlavacek, Keelin Austin & Garrett Rathbone: The Columbus Park Skate Park

Leah Sewell & Justin Marable: Microburst

Adriane Herman & Mo Dickens: Goods Riddance: Off Putting

Diane Burkholder, Celia Ruiz & Kristin Chow: One Struggle KC Engaging Art / Una Lucha KC Arte Atractivo

Blanket Undercover (Megan Mantia & Leone Reeves): The Mini Vinnie Bini

Bryon Darby, Aaron Long, Cotter Mitchell, Aaron Paden: Rest Assured, You Are Under Video Surveillance

R&D Awards

George Mayfield & Erlene Flowers: Unspoken Violence

Minh DuPha: MagiNation

Click here for full project descriptions for all 2015 AWARDEES

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