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This Friday, September 2nd, Missouri Bank’s Artboards will get a new look! The Fall installment of the Artboards feature artists, Jennifer Field and Luke Rocha.

Installed on the exterior, double-sided billboards rising above the bank at 125 Southwest Blvd, the Artboards are visible to the public all hours of the day, and will remain on view for three months. For more information about Missouri Bank’s Artboards series and to see past Artboards, please visit

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Jennifer Field, Round the Bend”, to be displayed on the west-facing billboards

On the west-facing billboards, artist Jennifer Field’s piece, Round the Bend is inspired by Field’s work as a landscape photographer. Field reimagines vistas as magical, almost fanciful landscapes thru her use of bold, bright colors and sweeping pencil strokes. As Field explains, “I love how I start in one corner and the process makes its own rules of engagement and at the end, one can gain an actual 3D sense of atmosphere and place from a hodgepodge of shapes and colors. I have a learning disability, so perhaps my skewed sense of perspective reflects my unusual neurology in some way. I strive to always find the positive in life, and I am glad the work tends to reflect love, light, and happiness through the solace that nature provides in a riot of color.”

Luke Rocha, Night Watch”, to be displayed on the east-facing billboards

On the east-facing billboards, artist Luke Rocha’s piece, Night Watch, is based on Rocha’s fascination with owls. Rocha explains, “Their [owls] nocturnal ways, binocular vision and ability to see far away in low light exceptionally well has always fascinated me. Most artists I know, myself included, are night owls by nature. I tend to produce most of my best work when the sun goes down, avoiding the daytime bustle. However, I replaced the eyes to resemble human ones and obscured them with feathers. I thought it would be satisfactory to have an eye to each billboard, bright yellow, keeping a watchful eye over the city.”

Please see the full press release for more information on the artists.

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