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This Friday, December 2nd Missouri Bank’s Artboards will get a new look with the installment of new Artboards by artists, Philip Bakala and Lindsay Jones!

Installed on the exterior, double-sided billboards rising above the bank at 125 Southwest Blvd, the Artboards are visible to the public all hours of the day, and will remain on view for three months. For more information about Missouri Bank’s Artboards series and to see past Artboards, please visit


Philip Bakala, “Just Feel Safe” to be displayed on the west-facing billboards

On the west-facing billboards, artist, Philip Bakala’s Just Feel Safe comes from a book of paintings he’s developed in recent years. Originally existing in a sketchbook, the scale of the billboards offers Bakala an entirely new way of approaching the feelings that contributed to the creation of the works. Philip shares, “to take these previously solitary meditations and blow them up to an “advertising” scale makes for a powerful experience. We are so trained to interpret information at this scale as transactional that an unrepentant message of reassurance can be positively jarring. Additionally, I think that taking a chance to remind individuals of their subjectivity on a daily basis would be really special. Equating feelings of safety with open expression is not necessarily a pairing that happens naturally.”


Lindsay Jones, “Untitled” to be displayed on the east-facing billboards

On the east-facing billboards, artist, Lindsay Jones’ images are part of a larger collection of small sculptural signs created out of balsa wood, paper, and other collaged materials. Lindsay describes the works, “These miniature sculptures are abstracted reflections of the bombardment of messages that we are faced with everyday through various media platforms, including signs along the highway, online advertising, ads on T.V., and radio. Stripped of any obvious message or meaning, these signs become attractive objects that I imagine taking up space in the strange landscapes that exist in my drawings and installations.”

The Artboards will be on display December 2nd, 2016 thru March, 2017

Please see the full press release for more information on the artists.

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