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Charlotte Street Foundation, alongside Missouri Bank and with support from Outfront Media, are happy to announce the artist selections for the 2017 Artboards series. The 2017 Artboards artists are Lucas Wetzel, Jillian Youngbird, Michael Converse, Brandon Frederick, Benjamin Rosenthal, Sandra Van Tuyl, Barbara Florez, and Jahaira Aguilar.

Michael Converse Artboards on view June, 2017

The artists will exhibit their commissioned images on the exterior, double-sided billboards rising above Missouri Bank at 125 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri. The Artboards will be visible to the public all hours of the day and will remain on view for three months.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-6-01-15-am Sandra Van Tuyl Artboards on view September, 2017

The Artboards schedule is as follows:

      • March — May: Lucas Wetzel + Jillian Youngbird
      • June — August: Michael Converse + Brandon Frederick
      • September — November: Benjamin Rosenthal + Sandra Van Tuyl
      • December 2017 — February 2017: Barbara Florez + Jahaira Aguilar

For more information: Press Release

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