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The Charlotte Street Foundation, alongside Mobank and with support from Outfront Media, are happy to announce the artist selections for the 2018 “Artboards” series. The 2018 Artboards artists are the Argot/Nots (Logan Acton & Meghan Skevington), Johnny B/Imagine That, Jessica Kincaid, Dylan Mortimer, Steve Snell, Larry Thomas, Bernadette Torres, and Annie Woodfill. For more information about Mobank’s Artboards series, visit to read about the selection process and to learn how you can apply next year.

(Bernadette Torres, 2018 Artboards Submission)

“It is really strange and exciting. I noticed them on my way into work today and I was taken back. It is weird to see your work in this context because a lot of my work happens privately or is exhibited far away from me in places I don’t to get visit,” says Ben Rosenthal, a Kansas City-based artist who was commissioned for an Artboard in 2017. Ben continued to express the importance of expression with the Artboards, saying, “The Artboards are a way of identifying and locating different voices in the community but also dissent from the community.”

The artists will exhibit their commissioned images on the exterior, double-sided billboards rising above Mobank at 125 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri. The Artboards will be visible to the public all hours of the day, and will remain on view for three months.

The Artboards schedule is as follows (subject to change):

  • March – May: Argot/Nots and Dylan Mortimer
  • June – August: Larry Thomas and Annie Woodfill
  • September – November: Steve Snell and Johnny B/Imagine That
  • December 2018 – February 2019: Jessica Kincaid and Bernadette Torres

Read the full press release here.

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