Trailblazer ($25,000+)

David T. Beals III Charitable Trust, U.S. Trust, Bank of America, Trustee

Hall Family Foundation

Francis Family Foundation

Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation

David H. Hughes, Jr.

Lois & Elizabeth Nave Flarsheim Charitable Foundation, Bank of America, Trustee

Seeley Foundation

Margaret Silva

Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts – Commerce Bank

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Pioneer ($10,000-$24,999)


Hallmark Corporate Foundation

Irvine and Ellen Hockaday

Joan Mitchell Foundation

R. Crosby Kemper Jr. Charitable Trust

Missouri Arts Council

Old Town Properties*

Pollack-Krasner Foundation, Inc

Rick Zander and Annie Hurlbut Zander

Launcher ($5,000-$9,999)

C&G Construction*

City of Kansas City, Missouri Neighborhood Tourism Development Fund

J. Scott Francis

Kirk and Joan Gastinger

Richard and Nancy Green

H&R Block Foundation

Lisa Hale

Kansas City Marriot Downtown*

Oppenstein Brothers Foundation

Michael and Cathy Schultz

Morton and Estelle Sosland

Sosland Foundation

Producer ($2,500-$4,999)


Kansas City Power & Light

David Kiersznowski and Demi Lloyd

John and Jennifer Legg

Bill and Peggy Lyons

Charlie and Jeanne Sosland

Jane Voorhees

Advocate ($1,000-$2,499)

Joseph Levin and Suzie Aron

Irene Bettinger

Irv Belzer and Sue McCord-Belzer

Bert Berkley

Bruce Bettinger

Irene Bettinger

Robert and Barbara Bloch

Harvey S. Bodker

Tom and Mary Lou Brous

J. Grant Burcham

Paul and Bunni Copaken

Alan Corbet and Tina Sterling

Ralph and Marianne Getchell

Gary and Pam Gradinger

Geoff and Ann Greenleaf

Larry and Sandi Hackman

Shirley and Barnett Helzberg, Jr.

Lisa Hickok

Annie N. Hickock

Joan Horan

Dennis and Carol Hudson

Lynn and Jackie Johnson

Kissick Construction Company, Inc.

Leslie Lerner

Mike and Linda Lyon

Alan R. and Joan Marsh

Barbara Marshall Hatch and

Laura McCray

Sam Meers and Julie Nelson Meers

Harold and Marilyn Melcher Foundation

Lynne Melcher

Marshall and Janet Miller

Jerome S. and Margaret Nerman

Lewis and Sue Nerman

Jeannette Nichols

Bradley W. and Linda J. Nicholson Foundation

David Oliver and Mary Gresham

Trey and Joan Runnion

Paul Anthony Smith

Susan Stanton

Michele and James E. Stowers III

Bill and Jo Ann Theissen

Larry and Sylvia Tucker

Frank and Ann Uryasz

Alex and Abby Wendel

Stephen and Randee Werts

Toma and Andy Wolff

Mark and Pam Woodard

Patron ($250-$999)

Lennie Berkowitz

William and Maureen Berkley

Becky Blades

Irwin and Rita Blitt

Boulevard Brewing Company*

Eileen Cohen (in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Berey)

Alan Corbet and Tina Sterling

Charles and Jane Eldredge

Bill and Susan Ford

Donald J. Hall, Sr.

Susan and Eric Johnson

Gabrielle Kaniger

Crosby Kemper III

Bill and Regina Kort

Paul and Lisa Lattan

Marion and Henry Bloch Foundation

Margaret Perkins-McGuinness

Richardson K. and Laura Powell

Charles W. and Lisa Schellhorn

Phil and Becky Smith

Michelle Suter/Commercial Law Group

Jon Taylor

Jay and Leslie Tomlinson

Frank and Helen Wewers

Brian Williams

Craig Williams

Julian and Tasha Zugazagoitia

Friend (Up to $249)

Amigoni Urban Winery*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Abend

American Century Investments Foundation

Don and Lucie Black

John and Sharon Blevins

Mark A.and Laura Bluhm

Josh Best and Jeane Van Sickle

David and Beth Cateforis

William and Brenda Conner

Jason and Kathleen Dalen

Elizabeth Darr

Janann Eldredge

Lora Hackman Fitzgerald

Irwin Fredman

Jeffrey Goldstein and Kim Klein

GovVentures Consulting

Paul and Sara Greenwood

Katherine D. Hackman

Saralyn Reece Hardy

Avery M. Hughes

Laurie Jarrett

Christine Kahm

Emma Jaye Kershenbaum

Amy J. Kligman

Dr. Jan-Marie and Brad Koh

Dan Maginn

Ellie Mantia

Jeanne Mathiesen

Charlotte and Patrick Matthews

Martin Mini

Dylan Mortimer

Janet Moss

Anne Muldoon

Edward Nickel

Arthur and Nancy Parks

Ries Palmer & Associates

Sandy Sanders

EG Schempf

Chuck and Lisa Schmitz

Raechell Smith

Andy Szekeres

Larry Thomas

Howard and Gerry Trilling

Paul Tyler

Lynn Wylie