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Annie Woodfill

Studio Resident (2012-2014)

Artboards (2018)

Installation, Mixed Media, Photography
Statement of Work

Annie Woodfill is a visual artist using a wide range of found, both natural and man-made, materials to construct temporary sculptures, the theme of which is to filter local everyday visual stimuli into frozen points of view. Having been influenced by post-minimalism and pop art, she investigates ideas of contingency and site-specificity with materials that look at common means of production and media.

Found photography, texts, and sound are arranged with consumer debris, DIY structures, fabric and drawing. In an ongoing studio cycle of collecting and editing distinct ephemera and exploring different methods of mark-making, “reverse-archaeological artifacts" offer themselves as props for experimenting with intersections of sculpture and site and expectations of information hierarchies.

In these live site-specific projects, where reactionary compositions surround temporary content, Annie offers documentation of these events as autonomous works. Integration with research and social-media platforms creates a context for these exercises through a more elaborate archive and network of free-sharing.

“Finding catharsis and utility in making room for free association as evolving or dissolving stagnant narratives, I work in an open and playful flow and recycling of things. The spontaneity of structural and emotional congruence in this fluid state shows me something familiar yet mesmerizing with a dry kind of satire, that revives an earnest look at aesthetics and beauty.”

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Composing with found materials of the everyday, I'm interested in the camouflage and transparency of peripheral spaces.

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