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Boi Boy

Studio Resident (2017 - 2018)

Rocket Grant (2017)

Fiber, Film, Installation, Performance
Statement of Work

My work utilizes a personal narrative to address universal experiences related to the idea of home, spirituality, memory, and identity. I work as an interdisciplinary artist to explore these relationships, creating work that is often tactile and tangible in a playful, oversaturated and over-stylized manner.

I am fascinated with the moment right as you wake up from a dream. That brief second when you have one hand in reality and one in your subconscious. You are blissfully unaware of what happened yesterday and what you have to do today. For a moment you are conscious and aware of your own dreamlike state which will soon become a fleeting memory. These moments of impossible existence that inspire self-transcendence and detachment from reality happen every day of our lives but are swiftly forgotten. In my work, I attempt to recreate these moments of escapism.

My work functions as a series of shrines build around this idea, using found and constructed objects as contemporary talismans to create a narrative. I use color, light, smell, and sound to lure people into the work based on the aesthetic quality, then reveal a more complex and often cryptic narrative. Playing with tactility with a mix of traditional and non-traditional fiber materials and process.

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