Artist Profile

Brett Ginsburg

Studio Resident (2013 - 2014)

Ceramics, Mixed Media
Statement of Work

Much of my work is concerned with anxiety and artifice. These attributes situate themselves parallel to a space between control and interpretation. My sculptural forms repress gesture in favor of autonomy. This posture is reflexive of the way many idols and icons have been rendered throughout history. The practices of idolatry and the worship of false gods call to the perception of illicit representations.

Some of my sculptures have graphic interventions atop them which re-contextualize a destructive act (the reduction of a surface, application of a decal, or fissures and cavities) as a liberating force. More often than not, my sculptural works subvert their specific points of departure, attain new authorship, and become imbued with their own language. This strategy of making acts as a means to re-evaluate the trans-formative relations between art, idolatry, and how these ideas have transcended into my way of seeing.

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