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Brian Padavic

Studio Resident (2015 - 2016)

Composer, Music
Statement of Work

My music lives in an exciting and dangerous place between the cracks of musical genres. I fuse written notation with improvisation, combine jazz and opera, invent Hungarian/American folk rock idioms, and weave together Minimalist tendencies and polystylist techniques. My product is a tornado of visceral emotion and complex thought spinning along a Midwestern landscape that intersects the real with the surreal.

I musically pour out my feelings and personal perspective of the lives that have shaped and impacted my existence through composition. I wish to share my love with as many people as possible through performance, hoping that my audience will be touched by my musical mementos and that they will carry the sentiments with them through their daily lives to share love with others, no matter how close or far they may be from their hearts.

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