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Danny Volin

Studio Resident (2014 - 2016)

Statement of Work

Someone else, someone famous and widely read, once said short stories are “the entire world in a grain of sand.” And while that’s someone else’s phrase, it’s a nice way of thinking about what short fiction can achieve.

More than any other medium, storytelling is the most personal and profound form of communication. Writing allows an author to tell stories that can be complete and whole. By creating a whole story, the characters I’ve created become, people who are able to be heard.

It is wholeness that allows a character not just to be heard, but to be listened to, that enables a story to resonate emotionally, that gives the reader the ability to reach into a page and be understood. When I write, this is my ambition.

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On a character level – though it seems silly to put it so nakedly – I write about lonely people willfully striving against their own loneliness. People who want to not just to be heard, but to be understood and listened to.

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