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Flannery Cashill

Studio Resident (2016-17)

Animation, Illustration, Mixed Media, Music, Stop-Motion, Video, Writer
Statement of Work

Hello, my name is Flannery Cashill. What's most amazing about art to me is how it allows one psycho to express his/her whole world. I started making art as one way of "worldbuilding." Art allows me to reimagine our planet in technicolor, populate it with freaks, give all the girls big hair and pets permission to talk. Each of us has the authority to design their dream house, perfect date, or worst nightmare so I say, hell, why not?

I work in a variety of media, including fiction, illustration, and animation. Experimentation allows me to find the most dynamic way to tell a story, to ask “what-if” and “why-not.” I like to create outsized worlds with rainbow colors, rich textures, and Utopian ambitions. I try to be funny and also nice. Art is my way of reimagining the world as I’d like it to be: fun, funky and free, full of helpful ghosts and baby angels.

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