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Heidi Van

Generative Performing Fellow (2012)

Performance, Writer
Statement of Work

I created The Fishtank to provide a space for creators of new work. The Fishtank is a space to collaborate, edit, and debut ideas. Material performed at The Fishtank is fresh, its content progressive, its writers and performers committed to the aesthetic of risktaking and failure. Producing and presenting raw material keeps the space activated and prepares local audiences for international artwork.

The Fishtank is the only storefront theatre in Kansas City. Storefront theaters exist statically and nomadically all over the world. I successfully installed and performed L'Histoire D'Amour in a window in New Orleans in November of 2010 through an Inspiration Grant and Kickstarter. My play was well received and reviewed in both cities.

A native of Kansas City, growing up a patron of the arts, I appreciate the history of performing arts in the city. The Fishtank unites artists to present new ideas. Hosting, creating, and presenting projects where the material is fresh keeps The Fishtank activated and challenges me to produce and perform relevant work.

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