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Studio Resident (2014 - 2015)

Composer, Music, Performance, Writer
Statement of Work

Stories are everywhere — or, rather, we tend to see them everywhere and make them out of anything. We can perceive animacy and intentionality in everything from rocks to cities, from scratches to symphonies. Our current work seeks to explore narratives in various forms, but primarily in sound.

Together, Henry Eddins and Brian Speise have been experimenting with narrative and emotion in environmental sounds, bizarre audioscapes, and musical compositions, currently working up a repertoire as the band "Hellerud." As a collaborative, Brian and Henry hope to flesh out and record a series of 'radio' plays for both live performance and internet listening. The plays will utilize a wide range of strategies to tell the stories, experimenting heavily with sound, music, and the weird freedoms that come with storytelling, borrowing metaphysical oddities from the likes of Jorge Luis Borges and the bizarre logic of Daniil Kharms.

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We want these stories to be compellingly confusing. Rewarding little mysteries, their clues hidden in plain sight—or earshot.

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