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Jason Preu

Studio Resident (2015)

Statement of Work

Poetry, fiction, fake wikipedia entries…
Inspired by office culture, the philosophy of dependent origination, Dada, no mind, and rap music, Preu writes to elicit smiles, tickle kundalinis, instigate internal riots, and explore strange ways to experience pedestrian situations.

His recent books include Small Facts (Eyewash Press, 2016), The Avocado Among Other Fruits (Spartan Press, 2016) and More Poems About Purple Wizards and Neon Bright Exceptionalisms (EMP, 2017). In 2016, Jason’s performative collaboration with composer and fellow CSF resident, Brian Padavic, was the subject of the feature film The Avocado Among Other Fruits, Live from Prospero's.

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Everything I write is for you. Yes, you. Go easy with it. Don’t hurt yourself.

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