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Jeff Eaton

Exhibitions/Performances (2011; 2015)

Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Video
Statement of Work

Art for me is a privileged activity that facilitates my access to understanding. Art is where I find myself in the moment of bringing my world into view for consciousness.

{I saw the sign}

I look towards or feel or hear from a distance and then indulge myself in inspecting - to walk around slowly, then turn and look from the right side, maybe over my left shoulder. The light from here is just right! But what is its surface exactly, its weight, its fragrance, its symbolism, and its politics? I just begin to familiarize myself with it. The mysterious thing that I didn’t have a language for begins to take shape. I can now start to talk about it and to actually see it!

{and it opened up my eyes}

Art allows me to become aware of the real time perceptual act of becoming conscious of the world and I make objects that help to empower this special kind of experience. To this end, I work with forms that I encounter in daily life, both ordinary and ambiguous, through processes of handicraft, purchasing, or appropriation. I’m drawn to these kinds of objects that are fortuitously alluring and seemingly familiar. I desire to bring into view what is partially hidden, slightly obscured, and barely out of my reach, in service of striving to be more understanding, more present, and to continuously reorganize myself to the world.

{I saw the sign}

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