Artist Profile

Jillian Youngbird

Visual Artist Fellow (2018)

Studio Resident (2018)

Artboards (2017)

Fiber, Installation, Mixed Media, Performance, Sculpture
Statement of Work

I grew up in a place where you wash your clothes and swim in the crick. A small time capsule of community that spit and farmed and could turn out a folksy phrase as easy as one draws breath.
A place "all timber and bobcats", as I once heard.
Being of Native America decent, growing up in the Ozark Hills formed an interesting narrative in my self-identity. Storytelling has always been an important part of both cultures. In my study of Ozarkian and Native lore I've come to find common threads and motives. This kind of artistic storytelling can function as expression of personal and group identity, as well as, providing political and social control.
​Through the study of nature, history and folklore, I use recycled materials from my environment to create sculpture, photographs and performances that investigate our impact on the natural world and my place between two interwoven cultures.

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