Artist Profile

Joey Watson

Studio Resident (2014 - 2015)

Ceramics, Mixed Media
Statement of Work

The purpose of my work is oriented around the idea of ceremonial function- that is, a specified utility intended to provoke a transformation. So I create volumes in space that I hope will ultimately entice a kind of transformative participation.

My creative process is often inspired by the ways technology augments our physiological faculties, particularly in terms of observation- delineating extraterrestrial spaces and volumes on scales too vast and infinitesimal to perceive otherwise. I want the work I make to have seemingly sprouted from those depths and be liberated from the familiarity of macrobiotic volume. I like to fantasize about my art existing as an accessory in a microcosmic scenario, perhaps as the frustule of a diatom, in place of its silicate exoskeleton.

In the generation of my objects, I allow the parameters of my process to influence the way that my ideas manifest. I do not predetermine things. During the design process I’m perceptive to the potentials I instigate amongst material, whether they’re virtual or actual. In this approach, things are allowed to fruit all-naturally.

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