Artist Profile

Justin Gainan

Visual Artist Fellow (2006)

Statement of Work

Whether it is through the execution of incessant but eventually rhythmic drawings, or through seemingly static periods between sculptural installations, the dialect throughout my practice is to persistently destabilize one’s notion of the proposed scenario’s capabilities/capacity. By suggesting histories of epic longevity with cumbersome tangible materials and uninhibited facial expressions, I am invested in articulating the properties of slightly absurd self-imposed commitments. Though earnest and apparently spontaneous at times, I would rather say that the gestures within my entire practice are immediate in that there is no combustion of performance or structure. Even the sculptures that read as architecturally resolute and calculated are in fact vulnerable to their own weights and balances.
Furthermore, the linchpin of my recent work has been to make the audience aware of the actions taken throughout my practice. Those actions are both suggested and literally demonstrated at times as a crucial performance articulating the constant negotiations of prosaic objects.

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