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Karen McCoy

Visual Artist Fellow (2017)

Illustration, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Video
Statement of Work

My work relates to human memory, history, and action; and is informed by a cultural and political consciousness. Primarily, I work in site-specific sculpture based on a complex web of information gathered through research, site visits, walking the landscape or urbanscape, collecting materials, discussion with community members and my own visual response to site and context.

I explore how we experience by amplifying and intensifying ordinary phenomena. My subjects are there for everyone to see, but so woven into the fabric of every day that they are not usually noticed. My work seeks to encourage an aware state of being. To this end I seek a cultivation of the gentle and the simple – walking, digging, observing, hearing, feeling, and connecting.

At present, my concern for planetary distress is growing. I feel compelled to make work that more vividly addresses the ecological destruction of our habitat. It is my hope that this work will encourage us to attend more carefully to all that is taking place around us, and our role.

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