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Kat Nechleba

Studio Resident (2009)

Fiber, Film, Installation, Multimedia, Music, Textiles, Video
Statement of Work

My work studies how and why art offers a persistent challenge to unhealthy social paradigms. Inspired by the spiritual-based traditions of Jungian Psychology, as well as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), I deconstruct my experiences as both artist and therapist to investigate connections between art and experience: why, in consensus reality, art functions comparable to a mathematical constant.

At the most rudimentally level, my work attempts to transform ordinary matter into the extraordinary, acting as bridges from the conceptual realm to the material world. The discarded material I work with plays a significant role in my sculpture. By using unwanted substances, waste is ascribed new meaning as litter collectively takes on new form, shapes, and patterns.

My intent is to create experiential, interactive, and perpetually evolving art in order to elicit a state of internal reflection within the viewer.

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