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Kyle Mullins

Studio Resident (2018-2019)

Statement of Work

I am a dancer and dance maker who makes formalist absurdist post-modern psychodrama. I'm not sure I know what that means. I make works to bring worlds and moments to life using imagery, sensation, and mood. Throughout the creative process I encourage and cultivate individuality through an emphasis on curiosity and exploration. I think of bodies as research vessels charting both physical and psychological limits and boundaries. I enjoy witnessing wit and the intersection of instinct and intellect. Lines, shapes, and motion drive me wild. I view dancers as architects, creating impermanent structures with form, space, and time. Individuality, both in myself and my collaborators, provides a lens for the audience to intimately experience the happenings onstage. I want audiences to experience things in real time, to feel what the dancers feel, to see what the dancers see.

I am curious to explore ways in which to directly engage new - and younger - dance audiences so that the art form can continue to live and evolve. In response to this curiosity, I am interested in making work that lives both on and off the proscenium stage. Most dance can, and should, be performed in contexts other than a traditional theater. Allowing an audience proximity to the dancer(s) increases potential engagement to the work through a shared-space experience. I am also passionate about exploring the relationship between dance and scenic design, video and digital media, and musical composition through research, experimentation, and collaboration with local artists. Dance and movement should be experienced by everybody and every body through increased exposure through performance and movement experiences. By bringing dance to familiar spaces, dialoguing with other artists and media, and creating movement experiences for general public, I hope to expand the cultural reach of dance and movement theater.

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