Artist Profile

Laura Isaac

Studio Resident (2013 - 2014)

Rocket Grant (2013, 2016)

Installation, Mixed Media, Performance, Photography
Statement of Work

I make art to work through questions I have; I am an artist to make myself uncomfortable. I view the complete art project as not only a single object or event but also the interactions and reactions of those who experience the art; all aspects are taken together make the work complete. I have a passion for all-consuming long-term projects which blend visual art and performance allowing the audience to drop in and out as they wish, following along on the journey. Currently, I am in a ten-year long visual/performative project called 10,000 Hours in which I'm exploring the theory that it takes ten thousand hours of directed practice to become a master at something; in this case knitting. It is a life-changing project that allows me to dig into the subjective experience of the learning process and how it can shape our identities.

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