Artist Profile

Lauren Sobchak

Studio Resident (2014 - 2016)

Fiber, Mixed Media, Textiles
Statement of Work

I create woven, welded, and pieced artworks that fluctuate between the realms of wearable and fine art. In connecting specific processes to cultural shifts I am proposing the topics of industrial degradation, appropriation, and outsourcing in relation to environmental impact and the ever-changing natural landscape.

The global industries of textiles, metals, and trade have long existed but their impact on the environment is now gaining extreme recognition. But with these growths, we further deplete the diversity within all aspects of ourselves. In conjunction with becoming reduced, we have lost independent abilities to sustain and protect our natural surroundings.

As the interpretation of fulfillment through convenience becomes evermore prevalent and causes catastrophic events within industries, the greatest cost will show itself in the immense lack of care in how things could have been avoided.

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