Artist Profile

Leonard Gayden

Studio Resident (2017 - 2018)

Rocket Grant (2017)

Music, Performance
Statement of Work

I moved from Chicago to Kansas City when I was 12 years old. Between 18-22, I had a bit of an identity crisis until I discovered street dance (breaking, popping, locking). The music and the movement was awesome to me. I dug head first into it learning everything I could, flew to California to go to a few conventions in dance and my mind was blown.

I want to take street dance locally and push the artist here to be more then just street dancers. I want the city to see us as an artist who can tell a story with movement and song. I feel street dance is the edge that all dance needs and I want to show that on many platforms as movies and music and even video games and comic books inspire me and influence what I'm doing.

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