Artist Profile

Lindsay Deifik

Studio Resident (2012 - 2013)

Illustration, Mixed Media, Printmaking
Statement of Work

As Americans, we consume mass-produced objects that seem to act as building blocks of unique identities, accumulated into disparate forms. I explore personal identity as organized schemas and assembled personas. In a reinterpretation of the portrait, I describe subjects via objects they own.

Beyond consumption, I want to delve further into the construction materials of the self. How do personal relationships, nostalgia, or simply a fleeting image play into this alchemy of identity? These details of personal histories do not build in a chronological way; they surface, drown, calcify and erode with daily repetition. I look forward to integrating these facets into my work. Mine is a methodology to search for what in us is veiled, revealed, constructed and naturally occurring- and to find the flashes of understanding that are found between these things.

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