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Lisa Cordes

Studio Resident (2012 - 2013)

Rocket Grant (2010)

Performance, Playwright
Statement of Work

Believing that our cultural life is connected to our lives as citizens, I am interested in theater that plants itself at the intersection of the body politic and the human heart—a theater that addresses social and contemporary issues and explores our collective experience. I have collaborated with a large ad hoc group of artists over the years in performances in non-traditional spaces, performing original material that took on issues that were roiling and raw. With an interest in a brand of performance that is immediate and democratic, I seem to always work just outside the lines, or in the cracks, straddling disciplines and communities. It is in those places I am reminded of the transformational power of theater and live performance. As I come from a family of scientists and teachers, I see all of my projects as both experiments and education – ask a question, develop a hypothesis, conduct, and experiment, and then learn what happens.

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