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Madison Mae Parker

Studio Resident (2017 - 2018)

Performance, Writer
Statement of Work

Our westernized culture exists inside a dichotomy: if it is not x, it must be y; if it is not good, it must be bad; if it is not happy, it must be sad. This duality forces people into isolated boxes, both physically and emotionally, separating us from the world around us, and ultimately ourselves. Through my art practice of poetry and performance, I remind people that you are not alone. In fact, existing in the tension of the duality is where rest and breath can be found, particularly in the space between vulnerability and trust.

My artistic goals aim to replicate this healing rest for others, ultimately reminding others that they are not alone. Even if one does not directly relate personal experiences to a poem, everyone has felt sadness, pain, joy, anger, confusion, even if the circumstances are different. It is in the common denominator where my poetry encounters others. Our bodies hold emotions and experiences in silent, unspoken ways; our words can shoulder some of this burden, shift the weight, and awaken our senses to what is happening inside of us emotionally.

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