Artist Profile

Maegan Stracy

Studio Resident (2013, 2014)

Exhibitions/Performances (2013, 2014)

Fiber, Textiles
Statement of Work

My work utilizes surface design and familiar textile construction while taking into account how our movements are informed by touch. I am informed by the history of textiles, the relationship between construction and technological developments and how all of those elements propel the fashion world forward.
The garment is inherently democratic, yet the fashion world can be insular and exclusionary. The average consumer has a limited view of how a garment is made and why something costs as much or as little as it does. With prices jumping from extremely low (bringing in questions of ethical production), to extremely high on the luxury end of the market and the added component of the rapidly vanishing middle market, responsible consumption of clothing is increasingly difficult for most. It is apparent that the fashion world is in a period of flux; meeting customer demands and the cost of producing something ethically are out of sync.
By reframing the creative output involved in making a garment and focusing on slow-fashion processes and layered techniques, I aim change the way we value our clothing and the perception of what goes into making a garment.

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