Artist Profile

Marcie Miller Gross

Visual Artist Fellow (2002)

Exhibitions/Performances (2017, 2007, 2004)

Fiber, Installation, Sculpture
Statement of Work

I make sculpture of materials with which I have a visceral connection. Industrial felt, wood, felted wool sweaters, soil, paper towels, used hospital towels are materials I have manipulated and coaxed through my hands. They speak to the vulnerability of the human condition carrying traces of body memory through the history of their former use.

I study repetition, mass and void, physicality and weight, compression and release. My work is informed by simple gestures of the hand as in folding, stacking and cutting -- an incremental means of building. My focus on reduction and order makes reference to artistic precedents such as mono-ha, minimalism, German modernism and the elemental geometries of Froebel’s gifts.

In a recent residency in Berlin, I found a powerful connection between historic sites such as the Berlin Wall and the significance of the forest and trees. In this urban context, the lushness of the lindens offers a profound sense of hope. These trees buffer and envelop, offer repose and sanctuary, bearing timeless witness to the city’s ghosts.

I find a compelling tension between the intuitive response to specific places and the physicality of distilled, solid forms. The immediacy of taking a photo and the stillness of the ensuing image contrasts with the slowness of the accumulative, repetitive process of making. Informed by spatial, conceptual and architectural conditions, my work reflects my interest in the traces, the remains, the evidence of people on a place.

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