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Marissa Shell

Studio Resident (2018-2019)

Mixed Media
Statement of Work

In my work, I create unique, visual interpretations of hypothetical and futuristic worlds where biological and synthetic matter is inextricably combined due to anthropological effects. Plants and soil may or may not be organic. Rocks and geological formations are no longer composed of minerals and volcanic deposits, but are amalgamations made up of plastic and foam instead. Water may be seemingly present but could also be a mirage. A hybrid of textures, patterns, and perceived life forms that you might observe in these environments, and imaginary relics and surfaces made from a variety of different materials, are what one will find in my speculative, dystopian imaginary worlds.

I explore imaginative possibilities of what a landscape and the geology of the planet might look like in a distant future following the end of human existence. Textures, patterns, and intriguing surfaces made from discarded, found, and other acquired materials allude to the hybridity of the contemporary landscape. Burning, sewing, weaving, and etching are methods I use indicative of the plethora of processes to alter land and produce industrialized objects. The textures and surfaces of my worlds are lush and intricate and embody the richness and complexity of the earth but are paradoxically informed by the artifice of the contemporary landscape.

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