Artist Profile

Mark Raymer

Studio Resident (2016 - 2017)

Fiber, Illustration, Installation, Printmaking, Textiles
Statement of Work

The narrative and these artworks are a glimpse into my vision of a world born from the actions of today. The wild and hairy hermaphrodites, who I call the wildings, are left with the consequences of those who came before them. They have had to adapt and evolve to survive. It seems as though we may be stuck in a spiral of creating a harsher world for the next generation to live in, but still leaving them cool stuff to distract from the inevitable destruction.

My artistic process reiterates these ideas by the way I use and manipulate my materials (fabric, textiles, prints, drawings, and paper) to suit a narrative. I am forever at odds with the world I have found myself in, surrounded by the leftovers of those who came before me. I always worry what will be left after me. Still, I cherish the artifacts from the previous generations and the nostalgia they provide. Perhaps they are just a distraction from the reality that surrounds me, an attempt to make the best of what is left to me. I must adapt myself and the objects at my disposal in order to understand my place and time.

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