Artist Profile

Matthew Johnson

Studio Resident (2017 - 2018)

Installation, Music, Sculpture
Statement of Work

My process is a very intuitive one, I often start with a few objects or materials and let those items help determine the color pallet and general composition. As I continue to add details like woven string, vinyl, and paint into the piece, I edit, allowing me to create a more resolved and coherent organization.

Balance is an important part of my process, not only compositionally, but to the content of the work as well. The objects’ reliance on other materials to stay upright is what allows me to draw the comparison to epistemology and how beliefs require evidence and coherency to be proven.

While my work has always been naturally interdisciplinary, I’ve begun weaving sound into my installations. Creating a space that allowed individuals to interact with the feedback loops was an exciting way to work in partnership with different people and has encouraged me to expand my process through collaboration with other artists.

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