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Melina Neet

Studio Resident (2013 - 2015)

Playwright, Writer
Statement of Work

I’m a poet, playwright, writer, and blogger. My own works focus on characters anxious to free themselves from illogical or untenable restraints. Sorrow and survival are intertwined in the characters I write about, and their only armor is language, memory and a perverse humor. Anxiety and emotional detachment underlie their actions, but their real motivation is to find what will make them happy. Or, at the very least, make their surroundings more habitable. My characters are like survivalists, observing which path will provide an escape and hunting for details that will fortify them once they’ve freed themselves from real or perceived binds.

My intent in my work is to share, either through my plays, poems or fiction, a world in which people see themselves as isolates, unattached to their surroundings, but who retain their sense of humanity. And, when possible, their humor. They’re observers, much the way I view myself as a creative person.

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