Artist Profile

Miranda Clark

Studio Resident (2014 - 2016)

Mixed Media, Sculpture
Statement of Work

My interest in architecture has evolved into a fascination with infrastructure. In response, the work I create is a process that employs imagery from aerial maps and satellite photographs. With an intrinsic notion of how they integrate, I deconstruct the images, removing them from their original spatial context, to reveal angular beauty and form. The cold and apathetic roadways transform into tranquil and resolute artifacts.

The installation of these low relief sculptures is dictated by the hierarchy of the horizontal line Leo Steinberg thought to be the key to how all information is understood. This law allows me to recreate memories of sensory overload triggered by expansive architecture in a universal way. Evoking this phenomenon in my life is the twenty-four mile long Causeway Bridge at night as it becomes a solid line of diffused automobile headlights traveling across it. I view my sculptures and collages as an aesthetic guide for future constructions as the space around each work challenges what has been omitted and questions totality of their form.

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