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Misha Kligman

Visual Artist Fellow (2015)

Artboards (2012)

Illustration, Painting, Photography
Statement of Work

My most recent bodies of work are driven by a search for the mystical after the cultural death of god. I am interested in our contemporary condition that privileges the objective over the subjective, and the material over the spiritual. The paintings and drawings are made with oil and flashe paints and depict ambiguous locations both familiar and unrecognizable. They are views of wooded areas, nondescript parks and edges of city streets that could be anywhere. Dullness and flatness of color accompany purposefully unrefined handling of material in an attempt to make a work that is at once brutal and serene. My goal is to destabilize and dislocate the viewer, in turn making it possible for a new, be it momentary, the perception of the known.

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