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Molly Garrett

Studio Resident (2015 - 2017)

Animation, Video
Statement of Work

The time-based image, breathing, and shifting relates directly to the condition of our own bodies. We share an inability for absolute stillness. In this world of temporal media, if a high-resolution video is the best representation of real life, an animation is the most abstracted. It inherently suggests a distorted reality and creates a natural opportunity to address psychological spaces.

For me, the value of this distortion also extends beyond the animated image. By addressing the object used to hold (or re-direct) the projection, I aim to create a meaningful and interdependent relationship between object, image, and viewer. I am confronted with a lack of control. They strip away individuality and force complexities to bend to the will of a “true or false” question. In my installations, I take back the authority of my identity and culture while still respecting the original academic thoughts. I call this work an “unsolicited collaboration” between myself and various famous, old, white (and usually dead) men. By pairing my own images with their research, I aim to create a disjunction in language, combining sensuality with academia and destruction with passivity.

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